1. Some of the songs here are also on this week’s JBJ on ESCinsight, so a bit of copy/paste from there to here:

    Serbia – A Modern dance track. that can and should do well. The thing is that I am not convinced she is the right singer for this kind of song. There is potential for this to go wrong live or just falling flat because of this mismatch between singer and song

    Austria – It’s a pleasant song and he is quite likeable. It is something you hear
    on the radio and say this is nice and than it finish and you just forget
    it. That’s a problem in Eurovision contest. During EIC in Amsterdam he
    was trying to oversell the song, he shouldn’t. It’s a simple song who
    need a simple staging. The staging should play on his charms(yes he has some).

    Russia – I’ll just concentrate on the song. It’s dreadful. It’s cliché Eurovision song by numbers and it’s not even pretending it’s not. If Russia be present at Eurovision and this qualify, it will be on someone’s else which is better than this one. Maybe they should stay at home, for the sake of all of us.

    Macedonia – Again it’s a modern and contemporary song and this could do very well indeed because it is a good composition.
    That is if she had a stage charisma and presence and whether she can sing it live. During Eurovision in concert in Amsterdam she was miming and has no stage charisma at all. It seems she wasn’t up for the task which is this song. Maybe she was saving herself for Kiev, but right now this seem to be a disappointment just waiting to happen.

    Malta – it is sung very well, no doubt about it. But this is so dated and cliché I have no patience for it.
    It also drag far too long for 3 minutes which leaves me with the feeling that it’s longer than it’s 3 minutes.And yes, teh runner up in the NF was far superior than this one.

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