1. Romania – Rap and Yodel, what an awful combination. I can’t stand rap and I only accept yodelling when it comes from Julie Andrews’ mouth in the Sound of Music. This novelty song written all over it. Unfortunately it will attract a lot people who think this is what Eurovision all about.

    The Netherlands – Their harmonies work for them and the fact they are between 2 very noisy entries, but the song itself is not really melodic. There is several times where the melody breaks up in order to show off their technical perfection.
    In the process of selection, there was apparently, at least 1 better song presented to them, but they just didn’t want to do and it also appears that they were set from the start to sing a song written by their father, which didn’t leave much options for other songs to be even considered.
    I think this is set back for the Dutch. Instead of going forward with quality entries, the Dutch has gone a bit backwards. Well, there is always 2018.

    Hungary – on first listen, I have dismissed the song as rubbish, but now I think this actually not as bad as I first perceived. That is until the Rap section get in and destroy for me what is till than a very enjoyable song. The rap simply blocks me from enjoying this to the full.

    Denmark – Safe doesn’t have to be bad and this is safe with the intention that it will get them out side the semi and this is quite competent song but what hold me for liking this is that on a certain point she starts shouting at me and I just want to shut my ears until she finish. Tone down girl, it would be better for you and to the audience listening to you.

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