and Spain to close – yay!

Barei at a Meet & Greet during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Spain draws it all to a close for the day. I couldn’t place this before the rehearsal; I could see this anywhere from first to last and anywhere in between. I’m none the wiser after seeing it either. We have a focus spotlight zooming to an extreme close-up of Barei with golden eye shadow and a sparkly shirt frock.

Four backing singers/dancers who at the moment need a bit of tightening up vocally. There’s a shock moment as the camera zooms into her Kurt Calleja hot-shoe shuffle only to see her stumble and fall to the stage. There’s a gasp, but she’s soon back up on her feet saying hello to Mr Danger.

Ooh she’s a wag, eh?

It gets appreciation from the press centre but I’m not sure if it’s cheering her or mocking. She moves to the satellite stage for the end of the song. I wish I could call this better. I would say it’s now not a winner, but can’t call where it’s going to be.

The fall is a brave move. I’m not sure it works for her.

Monty x

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