Apparently Slovenia has been on stage

ManuElla representing Slovenia with the song "Blue And Red" during a rehearsal before the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Where’s my effing coffee!! sips Ahhhhhhh

Is it wrong that if you mix blue and red together you get beige? – That is the best way to describe this song I think… Beige…

If it was in the country charts it would do OK, but for this contest it’s a little bit meh. It just melts away into the background but, thankfully, Slovene TV have noticed this and decided to spice it up a bit… with a semi-naked man and a pole doing a very under-utilized pole dancing routine and some fireworks.

Unfortunately, as was shown in the last rehearsal, you can’t mix your fire and semi-naked man because where they placed the fire was where he was going to place his pole!

And there is the crux of this song in three ill-conceived minutes. A couple of great ideas balled up.