Austria – In living colour (oh wait)

Paenda at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

The question that ran through my mind was: has this been hiding in plain sight? Paenda has just completed her second run-through and she emoted so much that she cried.

It looked stunning on stage, starting in black and white and then going into colour (a bit like 1970’s television). The simple black stage with lights (not red, for once) went down a treat.

The chorus was a change of gear and the chord pattern in the middle eight is also very strong. There was a rawness in her voice that drew you in to the verses. I genuinely can’t overstate how haunting it was and how she blended so well with the backing singers in a way that few have managed.

A good one this, but just to note, the final run-through seemed to be all in colour – clearly giving ORF options.

The consensus was that this improved immeasurably, and I think it’s going to qualify.

Image Credits: Anders Putting.