Azerbaijan – oh dear oh dear… this is not good

Samra at a Meet & Greet during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Samra is as flat as a badger that’s been run over by a Volvo in Gothenburg.  She’s really a very bad live singer and no amount of changing the dress, homo erotic backing singers or gold backdrops are not going to help this get out to the final.

The problems have mounted and escalated with this song from one of mild concern to audible gasps in the press centre.  Samra needs a complete overhaul and arguably a different song,  but there is not going to be enough time in order to get the problems ironed out.

There will have to be a fair few brown envelopes and SIM cards exchanging hands to get this through I fancy.  Never count it out, but the fat lady, and indeed the thin one, isn’t singing just yet though.

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