First up, here's some video live from the hall through the magic of Facebook.

She's still shouting at me on screen and that's a problem and the f*cking horse has no reason to be there other than a connection to the Mafiosi in Baku! I appreciate that the staging is supposed to be "art", but it's a song contest for pities sake not the Turner Prize.

If this were my delegation, I would have fired the artistic director a long time ago and gone for something simple.

It looks completely out of place; overblown and overthought if I'm honest. Dihaj has a really good voice and the song itself lends to a powerful performance, just not with Dobbin on a stepladder! This should qualify because it's Azeri and barking but sometimes, less is definitely more.

Video courtesy of esckaz:

And here's the 'official' feed - it's terribly exclusive, you know ...