Belarus in the buff

Ivan at a Meet & Greet during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

IVAN has appeared backstage in a long black cloak looking like he’s wearing nothing underneath. Is he going to be naked after all? Cut to the rehearsal feed and – gosh! – he IS naked! Well, a short video projection of him is at the start. It’s from the photoshoot we saw with him with the wolves that hit all the headlines. It’s tastefully done, you can’t see his knackers or anything, and fair play to Belarus they have pulled their gimmick off.

There’s more projections of IVAN too: playing drums (with an IVAN logo on the front!), playing guitar – he’s a one man show (off), isn’t he? There’s more wolves too, all shown thanks to a giant teleprompter.

Save for the short clip at the start that nakedness – and that ridiculous backstage prank with the cloak – IVAN is not naked for the rest of the performance. In fact, he’s wearing a terrible cream suit. That hair is still there as well, and it just doesn’t help him, hanging from atop his lanky, gangling figure.

But fair dos, he can sing it well, and even with all the faff and fluster this might have a chance to qualify even though it’s one of the worst songs this year for me. nd why is he teaching a wolf to fly anyway?

Right, I’m off to see Israel’s press conference.

Monty x

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