Bulgaria – Just Fab

Poli Genova at a Meet & Greet during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

Poli is now on her third go at this and it just gets better and better as far as I am concerned. She starts by singing in front of flashing white noise as though it’s closedown time on Belarussian TV but do NOT turn off your sets, this one is a good one.

Poli is clearly a seasoned performer as she effortlessly knows where the camera is and the dance movements really suit the song (apart from the bit where she thinks she is in a knobbly knees contest) and by the time you see the backing singers and they join in the fun, her dress lights up but not in a silly way ( just the shoulders and knees… you’ll see). Vocally, not one note out of place which has been a change this week.

This is a classic pop song that should well walk out of this bit of the contest and is a very live danger for a top 5 in the whole thing.

It’s suddenly not a 2 horse race.