Greece – Should have been last on but…

Amanda Tenfjord
Amanda Tenfjord today in Turin at her second Eurovision rehearsal

Now, not so much because Covid. Surely it’s almost time to go home yeah? (hang on – you are at home!)

The astute amongst you would note that Greece is fifteenth in the running order. They swapped with Iceland who perform first thing tomorrow morning for… reasons.

Amanda is clearly a graduate of the Loreen school of diction because there is a hell of a lot of mumbling in the acapela start to this song , and whenever there is a low part of the song. Having said that, though, the song is strong … but, for me, the white dress contrasted with the dark blue staging makes it look and feel cold. I don’t know if that was the look that they were going for, but it doesn’t make me feel as though she cares enough about the person she is singing about, being lonely on stage is always a risk for any performer but couple that with the vivid contrasts of the lighting and the stage and after one run, I am not sure.

She says she wants the vocoder down in her ear and everything else up, which suggests the mumbling might not be of her own volition.

It sounds a lot better in the second and third run throughs and all my doubts melt away. Amanda clearly felt comfier with everything there and it showed in both the emotion that was put through the song (and yes, she could have been holding back) and how it was performed.

One of my colleagues described it as “haunting” – I wouldn’t go that far, but depending on which version of Amanda decides to show up at the jury final, I can see this one sailing out of the semi. In the final? Not so sure. It’s definitely in the top 3-4 from this half of the contest. That mumbling? Gone now the mix has been sorted.