Hungary – More of the same?


You can’t do much with a song that lends itself to a rather static staging … and Joci gave us just that.

He stood all alone on stage with no backing singers and no shenanigans to move the focus away from the song about his father. The only small distraction came from pictures of ‘fathers’ on the background screens –  a touch disconcerting if you happened to catch them  out of the corner of your eye as I did.

There wasn’t a lot to dislike – big shout out to Joci’s still-muscular arms – at the same time, there wasn’t much for me to get excited about. All in all, it’s a downgrade of his entry from two years ago.

It wasn’t bad and he performed it well, but it is what it is … Joci being Joci … and that was enough two years ago. Not sure now.

Image Credits: Andres Putting.