IVAN in not naked at all shocker!


Yes, that’s right, He promised Wolves and nudity on stage and we have…. a hologram of a nude IVAN and holograms of Wolves.

So, now the sillyness has been dispelled, what are we left with? – Well actually a half decent song to be honest but technical-ised to within an it’s life. Loads of holograms on stage, holograms of his mythical band, in fact the only thing that isn’t a hologram is IVAN himself. Song plods along nicely until you notice after the last notes that a war painted BABY has come being IVAN on screen and it makes you guffaw.

If possible, that has to go because everything else suits the song and, as has been said round hear, it draws you in without you noticing. That in itself makes it dangerous but not enough to qualify.