Man, Manel is annoying


Oh Spain. I’m sorry Manel, but you annoy the titting crap out of me. I’m not sure how he’s ever had a lover to do it for being quite so mithering.

He’s on stage with a beach bum look, and an animated backdrop of palm trees and a camper van, the kind you’ve seen on a million summer t-shirts. The camper van is rocking from side to side in a way that would bugger the suspension were it not just a cartoon rendering. Manel is in a trademark Hawaiian shirt, giving some nipple.

Now I’m not averse to some nipple at Eurovision, but if you’re going to do it then have the whole lot out, not just peeking from under your blouse.

I know that Mirela’s fluff from the national final wouldn’t have done great, but at least it would have been fun. This isn’t.

Monty x