Romania – Drowned world


With lunch out of the way, we launched back into Romania’s underwater world. Esther had toned down the severe look today: her hair was softer and the maquillage less troweled on. She’s still (mostly) in her chair and waving like someone dealing with dust motes. On the whole, she hits most of the notes in much the order you might hope.

The dancers made use of the catwalk/bridge, and the camerawork was better than before. Everyone looked to be taking things seriously in Esther’s dark blue and black setting.

It’s still not the most exciting song, and things are a bit too one note visually.

Qualifying? No

Iā€™m actually quite liking the dirty white blues in the verse bits here, but the presentation is all a bit messy, and the chorus is a sparse plod. They should have stuck to the simplicity their national final show. EUROVISION APOCALYPSE

Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.