Shitzerland – Back to form….

Rykka at a Meet & Greet during the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.

I’m writing this after being stunned by Rykka aka poor man’s Halle Berry. She’s wearing a mop of hair that looks like it’s had no thought… a dress that can only be described as a mosquito net draped around her lady parts in see-through fabric… she’ll catch her death in that!! (edit – I also forget to mention that at the start she appears to be smoking from her arse…….)

She’ll also be catching the plane home next Friday morning as well. I appreciate that this is a rehearsal but nothing at all came across to me to say that it has anything other than deliberate last written through it. Rykka was well out of tune and no amount of “in ear problems” are going to save her from that. The performance, such as it was, was nondescript with minimal movement and has no impact at all on the televoter.

All in all it was a complete disaster, which is a shame considering this is actually a decent song but the way it’s being performed makes it horrific.

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