Snack update – now with added stroopwafel!

Eurovision kaas en Stroopwafellen

I’m delighted to inform you that, thanks to the impact of immigration in RotterdEast Ham and me having a fabulous international supermarket nearby, I have availed myself of kaas and stroopwafel! Well, the stroopwafel are anglicised as syrupy waffles and the kaas actually came from the Tesco across the road but still.

The supermarket also stocks a range of goodies reminiscent of Eurovisions past so I’m recreating the memories in my kitchen with Swedish dill chips (2016), those funny little mushroom flavoured crisps from Kyiv (2017) and some Portuguese Super Bock (2018) which reflects the last three Contests I got to. It’s the little things.

Now, is it too early for een biertje…?

Monty x

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