Today at the Games – Day 1 and 2’s Local news round up!

Tel Aviv

So, as Daz Sampson so elequently put it, what *did* we learn in school today … well over the last two days? The answer … in some cases, we saw a confusing mess of ill-conceived madness, elsewhere evidence of delegations who had thought long and hard about the limits of this stage.

It’s still too soon to make grandstanding statements about who is going through and who is definitely taking the first flight out on Wednesday. Everything could (and likely will) change.

Check the table below to see what I said, and what I thought at this early stage … and feel free to disagree, as I know you want to.

CountryRead what I had to say about itIs it going through?
Australia'Water cooler moments, but for all the wrong reasons'Yes
Belarus'She couldn't pull it off'No
Belgium'Half-arsed and messy'Borderline
Cyprus'Eurovision by numbers'Yes
Czech Republic'All decent stuff'Borderline
Estonia'There remains a lot to do here'Borderline
Finland'More meh and ouch rather than excellent'No
Georgia'Pisses all over the chips of the songs around it'Borderline
Greece'This song had literally everything.'Borderline
Hungary'A downgrade of his entry from two years ago'Yes
Iceland'Delivered everything I expected, really'Yes
Montenegro'Messy, boring and repetitive all at the same time'No
Poland'Four girls on stage shouting for three minutes'Borderline
Portugal'The deafening silence in the Press Centre spoke volumes'No
San Marino'A recipe for unbridled genius'Yes
Serbia'Below standard Balkan plodder'Borderline
Slovenia'Europe could confuse ethereal for boring'Borderline

Image Credits: Andres Putting.