Blanka speaks to Timur – She’s had no advice – yeah right!


Blanka feels overwhelmed, but it is a good way – it is such a rush, and she can’t wait to share the performance with everyone. She says she had some lighting and camera issues, and now it is much better.

Her expectations? – She is calm and happy, and the most important thing for her is that Poland is happy with how she represents them – I think she has an uphill battle here!

Her inspirations? – Everything she sees – she takes parts from everything, including Timur’s blazer, but she loves Madonna and Rhianna. Stage stress? – She says she is trying to breathe. Her vocal coach tells her to breathe more and focus more before she starts her performance.  She doesn’t have any specific exercises that she focuses on apart from lifting her tongue!

Blanka has not received any advice about Eurovision other than from her team and her mother nagging her, “Did you sleep?” Mothers everywhere are the same. She’d love to get eight hours but is not getting anywhere near that. She says she will get some sleep in Liverpool.

Blanka doesn’t have a routine; she is focused on her performance and is trying to get a work/life balance in Liverpool. She says she has tried to see a little of Liverpool but hopes she will get time in a few days. Friday and Saturday are looking good!

The song is an empowerment anthem – it’s enough for you to be yourself in life — friends are essential, but you must be comfy in your skin – Love yourself!