It’s the 1979 Marshall Amplification Disco Dancing Champs …

Valentina and Jimmie

So, it’s comedy time at the Eurovision with Val and Jim!

The fans like this because, well, Valentina (God and gays love a trier), but taking off the rainbow specs, what does this have to offer?

A 1971 song wrapped up with cliched lyrics with disco dancing lights. It certainly is a Ralph Siegel Production and no mistake. What will Europe see though? Europe won’t see a decent performance on stage, but they will see something that could hark back to an age where they remember this kind of song … done much better by Donna Summer et al. Will it get people to vote for it? Well in this semi there are so many other better songs that I suspect the ironic fan vote is all it’s going to get.

Where I do have to give it kudos is by showing the backing singers, but in a contest context it has zero redeeming features. Will it qualify? It is sandwiched between Ireland and Croatia, so there is a chance, but I sincerely hope it doesn’t.

Video courtesy of esckaz