2 March – Now I know it’s too hard to go tick tock without the glimpse of you

Let’s just forget current events at the moment. We’re here to celebrate birthdays, wherever they fall throughout Europe (and Australia).

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of Марія Назарівна Яремчук/Mariya Nazarivna Yaremchuk who did her stuff for Ukraine in 2014. Yes, that’s 10 years ago. She had the big hamster wheel, replete with beau spinning it around. I find it one of the most intriguing props ever used. Mariya’s young man is almost a perfect fit for the wheel. I guess, for some, it takes your eyes off the young lady doing the singing, as you never quite know what’s going to happen next. Is it the best prop ever?

Mariya is 31 today.

З днем народження, Марія!

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