23 August – With you, I’ve learnt to laugh

Being a winner at our favourite TV show is something no-one can take away from you. Few have won, and even fewer have won at their second attempt. And fewer still have won – at their second attempt – for a country other than their birth.

Today’s birthday girl Vicky Leandros (née Βασιλική Παπαθανασίου/Vasiliki Papathanasiou) first tried in 1967 with a song for Luxembourg that has outshone its fourth place finish. Maybe she would have done better if she wasn’t second on to perform. Fast forward five years and we saw her again singing for Luxembourg in Edinburgh, on a very high-tech stage. This time she was second from the end to perform, the third in a run of French language songs. With the exception of a couple of juries, she scored highly off every one and won at a canter. Is this one of the best winners ever? You decide.

Vicky is 72 today.

Bonne anniversaire, Vicky!