30 November – All alone, all alone

It’s a truth that we miss our Magyar friends and we wanted them back. But it’s also true that they’ve tried a variety of musical styles down the years. What’s your preferred style?

If it happens to be a soft ballad that builds, then today could be the song for you. In 2015, we saw Boggie (née Boglárka Csemer) doing her stuff in Vienna. She’d already got through a marathon A Dál, so a semi-final in a neighbouring country would be a breeze, wouldn’t it? Well, yes it was close, but she got a maximum. So onto the final. Well, points were trickier to come by, but she did OK out of a bloodbath towards the bottom end of the right-hand side of the scoreboard. And her song has a message that is still true.

Boggie is 36 today.

Boldog születésnapot, Boggie!