31 July – We wore away our hands

What were you doing 13 years ago? Were you an ardent fan? Had you even discovered the contest? Or were you thinking it was time to take up hang-gliding instead of staying in on a Saturday night in May?

If you were a Portuguese Eurovision fan in 2010, you’d no doubt be cheering for today’s birthday girl Filipa Daniela Azevedo de Magalhães, thankfully know to some of us as simply Filipa Azevedo. Your hopes would be high, as Filipa got Portugal to the Grand Final for the third year in a row. We found out later that she’d qualified fourth in her semi-final, which is a achievement in itself for an ‘unfashionable’ country like hers. She didn’t quite do the same in the Grand Final, scoring 43 points from 10 countries. Her best was a six from Denmark. The Grand Final proved for Filipa that it was indeed one of those days.

Filipa is 32 today.

Feliz aniversário, Filipa!