40 songs in the running for Malta


Malta is set to select a song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom through the national final Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023, organised by the Maltese broadcaster Public Broadcasting Services (PBS). The process is already slated to continue after this year for future entries.

The competition will consist of four quarter-finals, a semi-final and a final, to be held in January and February 2023.

Artists and composers were able to submit their entries between 17 October 2022 and 31 October 2022. Songwriters from any nationality were able to enter as long as the artist performing would be Maltese or have Maltese citizenship.

The longest ‘shortlist’ ever

Artists were able to submit as many songs as they wished, however, they could only compete with one in the quarter-finals. 2022 Maltese Eurovision entrant Emma Muscat was unable to compete due to a rule that prevented the previous winner from competing in the following competition. The songs selected to compete in the quarter-finals were announced on 21 November 2022.

Aidan"Reġina"Aidan Cassar, Boban Apostolov
Andre'"Broken Hill"Toby Farrugia, David Cassar Torreggiani, Andre' Portelli
Bradley Debono"Blackout"Christina Magrin
Brooke"Checkmate"Brooke Borg, Gerard James Borg, Christian Rabb, Dino Medanhodzic, Lukas Meijer
Cheryl Balzan"La La Land"David Cassar Torreggiani, Cheryl Balzan, Toby Farrugia
Chris Grech"Indescribable"Joakim Dubbelman, Gerard James Borg, Jesper Rune, Arve Furset
Christian Arding"Eku ċar"Jan van Dijck, Emil Calleja Bayliss
Clintess"Lura qatt"Dominic Cini, Etienne Micallef
Dan"It'll Be OK"Daniel Muscat Caruana
Dario"Pawn in a Game"Henric Pierroff, Emil Vaker, Karin Pierroff
Dario Bezzina"Bridle Road"Martin Älenmark, Darren Michaels, Charlie Mason
Dominic and Anna"Whatever Wind May Blow"Alexander Berger, Michael Tauben, Will Taylor, Jonas Gladnikoff
Eliana Gomez Blanco"Guess What"Ray Agius, Alfred C. Sant
Fabrizio Faniello"Try to Be Better"Johan Bejerholm
Francesca Sciberras"Masquerade"Marco Debono, Rita Pace
Geo Debono"The Mirror"Daniele Moretti, Natasha Turner, Niall Mooney
Giada"I Depend on You"Melanie Georgiou
Greta Tude"Sound of My Stilettos"Antoine Farrugia, Muxu, Cyprian Cassar
Haley"Tik Tok"Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg
Ian"On My Own"Melanie Georgiou
Jake"Love You Like That"Primož Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Michael James Down
James Louis"Dream"James Mifsud
Jason Scerri"Anything Can Happen"Jason Scerri
Jessika"Unapologetic"Jessica Muscat, Stefan Moessle
John Galea"Trailblazer"John Galea
Kirstie"Girls Get Down"Muxu, Cyprian Cassar
Klinsmann"Piranha"Mats Ygfors, Robin Svensson, Magdalena Ohlin, Gerard James Borg
Lyndsay"Haunted"Michael James Down, Will Taylor, Primož Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Johnny Sanchez, Sara Ljunggren
Maria Christina"Our Flame"Erik Horvath, Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Emil Calleja Bayliss
Maria Debono"X'allegrija"Maria Debono
Marie Claire"Thankful"Thorghy Landgren, Thomas Rodin, Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Emil Calleja Bayliss
Mark Anthony Bartolo"Tears"Mark Anthony Bartolo
Matt Blxck"Up"Matthew Caruana, Cyprian Cassar
Maxine Pace"Alone"Shaun Farrugia, Steve Manovski
Mikhail"Leħen fiċ-ċpar"Cyprian Cassar, Cliff Casha
Nathan"Creeping Walls"Dominic Cini, Jonas Gladnikoff, Emil Calleja Bayliss
Ryan Hili"In the Silence"Aaron Sibley, Natan Dragur, Cyprian Cassar
Stefan"Heartbreaker"Stefan Galea, Rikki Lee Scicluna, Muxu
Stefan Xuereb"What Do You Want?"Richard Micallef, Aidan O'Connor
The Busker"Dance (Our Own Party)"David Meilak, Jean Paul Borg, Sean Meachen, Matthew James Borg, Michael Joe Cini

Among the selected competing artists are former Eurovision entrants Fabizio Faniello who represented Malta in the 2001 and 2006 contests, Jessika who represented San Marino in the 2018 contest, Francesca Sciberras who represented Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009, and Eliana Gomez Blanco who represented Malta in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

TVM has released 30-second snippets of all 40 songs. Watch them in their playlist here: