Albania – Always the bridesmaid


Lindita came on next, to allow the stage director from Georgia (who is also working on Australia) time to comfort his singer and argue with the camera team.

I don’t like the outfit she is wearing as it is a literal bridesmaid’s dress, and on her first run-through she was terribly off-key … but pulled it together for the second try.

To me though, this and Georgia (whilst one song apart) will cancel each other out. They are both big ballads with the potential for big ballsy singers to bugger up the high, important notes.

That said, ‘World’ leaves you with a better impression than Sweden, because if you are a televoter you will attempt to balance boring with female ballad.  This, then, means you will default to your Sweden setting and that’s a shame.

Third time through, Lindita gets it right … but I still don’t think that there is enough in the song to get it through.

Video courtesy of esckaz:

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