Albania – How is the family?

Albina & Familja Kelmendi

Sorry – as most of you know, I have a real life and a Eurovision one, and that has gotten in the way in the last hour or so – I’ll catch up with the interviews when they go “on demand” in the online press later today. I’m also on the Radio at 5 pm, so there is silence for an hour.

English is not their first language, so there are a lot of translations. Their second rehearsal seemingly went well. Why did the lead have a different coloured handkerchief? (Searching questions there) – No answer, but they are showing their red rags.

What favourite Albanian entry ever? – Suus… They like a lot of shouting and try to sing a bit of it – they do sound better than the original, though! Everything they are trying to show is part of their family. They say they are very close – but they would say that.

What got them into music? Growing up in a family environment is the main reason. The lead singer’s grandfather started with music, and the whole family started and they grew up with it.

What is your favourite place in Albania? – They have a lot but love the seaside, but you can enjoy both the mountains two hours away from the beach – you can do them on the same day. Have they met any other contestants? Yes, but they neglected to name any, but there are lots of fun, hugs, and all the good stuff.