Alessandra’s TikTok Live – She wants to self love!!

Alessandra Mele

So after finding the tickytock live link – here are Alesandra’s potted highlights.

Alessandra feels that the stage is enormous. She was pleased with the first rehearsal. The second time there seemed to have been a problem because she got a 45-second call and ran to the front of her stage in her boots! – there’s an image – and she adds that it went well.

Alesandra says she loves rehearsing in Liverpool, and she doesn’t mention any of the city and has only seen Liverpool by bus – you need to get out of the bubble, love. The usual question in a press conference arises … when you don’t sing in your native language. Some things never change, huh? – She’s not going to release a Norwegian version of the song in the short term – good on her.

If she could sing another song, she would choose Cha Cha Cha “for fun”, the UK because she thinks it’s a pop banger and Tattoo. As Alesandra is Italian, she is asked about her favourite Sanremo songs and mentions a couple I missed – she says that Sanremo is a bigger tradition in Italy than Eurovision. She can’t wait to meet Marco Mengoni. I suspect she’s not in a tiny majority with that one 😉

Is she under pressure? She’s very good at relaxing if she says so herself. There is no pressure being a fan favourite, but she loves the support that she is being given. The convo then moved to self-confidence – Alesandra says she is not always self-confident, but she must focus on one part of herself daily to give some self-care. She says she could be a psychiatrist – I’d stick to the singing, love.

Elizabeth I inspired her staging concept! I haven’t seen any ruffled collars in any of the performances, but she then says she needs to be a queen and a warrior, just like Elizabeth – that cleared that up!