And now the end is here!

After their usual long and often baffling National final concept, (Which was essentially the same as their old one with a new title and a few more bells and whistles), Lithuania finally ground their public into the floor and gave them one more show to gawk at.

Ten songs got through after their five previous heats.  In reality though it was seemingly a two-horse race with The Roop facing off against Silvester Belt if the internet was to be believed.  Were they right?

Well, to start with they and the other eight songs took to the stage. The voting procedure was the same as the other heats.   This was 50/50 Jury and televote, but this only determined the top three that went through to a Superfinal . (The 17th Feb will forever be known as Superfinal Saturday as most of the finals had one).  The result of that first round didn’t come as much of a shock as you can see below.   Everyone held their breath through an interminable Man-Go concert and some other shenanigans before they all got to sing again and the results of the 2nd round were released.

We Will Rule the WorldAistè4486
Gaude vejaiŽalvarinis3587
Be CarefulPluie de Comètes5169
LuktelkSilvester BeltQ1666681st
Kaboom!!!VB Gang67134
TimeIl Senso2688
Unlove You Starting TomorrowMonika Marija73105
Walk Through FireQueens of Roses12310
Simple JoyThe RoopQ68843rd

Well we were half right – Silvester Belt was the one but, in the end, the result wasn’t even close.  The Roop limped home in 3rd place but the crowd seemed happy with the result!


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