Armenian media names Brunette for Eurovision 2023


According to Armenian media, Elen Yeremyan – known by the stage name Brunette – will represent Armenia at Eurovision 2023.

The young singer-songwriter has written an R&B-style song that will be released online at the end of next month.

Yeremyan has previously worked with Armenian music education and non-profit organization Nvak. Speaking about that and indicating why she hopes to follow in the footsteps of Rosa Linn, she noted: “There isn’t a huge music business (in Armenia) and there are limited opportunities for young artists to be able to express themselves through their art.”

“I want young girls in Armenia to listen to my songs and to feel confident and empowered that they can also have a free voice. The songs that I’m writing come from life experience and my goal is to share my story and for other people who have gone through similar difficulties to feel like they are not alone.”

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