As night follows day we’re back with this…..

The original Semi Final hell, Melodifestivalen, is back for the 2023 edition marketing itself as “Mello Cirkus” – and if you can’t translate that, why on earth have you got a computer?.

The first Semi Final was held in the Scandinavium in Gothenburg, home of the best Eurovision ever no comebacks, and had the usual seven songs fighting it out for a place in the next round.

Those Seven songs were:

Rhythm of my showTone SekeliusF
Inga sorgerLoulou LaMotte
Raggen gårElov & BenySF
DiamondsVictor CroneSF
Länge leve livetEva Rydberg & Ewa Roos
Where you are (Sávežan)Jon Henrik Fjällgren & Arc North feat. Adam WoodsF

As an aide memoire, the top song from the voting go direct till Solna for the final in five weeks time, the remaining 6 then had a properly scored battle for the next three places and, therefore a second round of voting, to get to the Semi Final.  Looks like Jon was a run away winner – Hopefully SVT will release the results soonish.

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