Australia – Easy like Sunday morning


I have been dying to use that headline. And young Isaiah might have had the longest flight, but he arrived today sparky and spunky (that’s what they say down under, right?).

Aussie stagingSomeone has decided to put the spunkster on a lazy Susan, and without a following camera, this means he has his back to the audience … a lot. The backdrops also distract, it’s like he got a great selfie and he’s determined to share.

You wouldn’t expect Isaiah to sound anything other than polished though, and reports suggest he doesn’t disappoint. But the staging needs work. And fast.

A later run-through showcased more adventurous camera angles and pyros – though with most everyone using them these days, this effect has started to lose their impact – pyros are very much the new wind machine.

Let’s be nice and call it a work in progress.

All in all, it’s been a fairly unremarkable first morning in Kiev. Sweden very much as expected. Georgia and Albania looking less likely to make it through (mostly because neither remembered to pack a song) and Australia doing what Australia does best.

Back with Blanche after lunch.