Australia – doing a flip flop

Australian singer at Eurovision

So the Aussies are drawn third, but perform in fourth place, because they have the same stage director as Georgia. This means he has to hot foot it to the camera check and back to the hall. Lindita very kindly stepped in again to fill the gap. That’s just the kind of lovely girl she is.

Isaiah comes onto the stage, and as you would expect it’s a simple setting to make the best of him. Sadly, though even though he is supposed to be telling me about his love for someone, there is, for me, a disconnect. He hardly ever looks at the camera, and his eyes are all over the place, add to that the backing screen (featuring his face) is very distracting … possibly deliberately so, who knows?

They’ll get through with them being Australian and all (don’t get me started on what I think about that…), but this is clearly the weakest of their three entries so far.

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