Eurovision Countdown 24 – Australia according to Mo

I’m all for Australia being a part of the biggest party going. The support of Aussie fans is epic, and the TV producers really did seem to put in the effort with their programming.

But something went wrong last year when we lost a national final that screamed fun and variety, with the SBS sending a previous runner-up with an uninspiring plodder. This year, it’s another also-ran.

An overwhelming sense of worthiness bubbles under the surface of this bland slab of mall-music. For me, it’s dated, dull and fails in its attempts to inspire. It starts out like something from a mid-2010s UK national final, loses its way at the midpoint, and then resorts to the all-too-predictable chanting along the final chorus.

If you ever danced to ‘The Only Way Is Up‘ by Yazz back in the day, this should have been the B Side.

That and the official video has them looking as if they’re suppressing a fart.

Two pointsI wanted to love this – their national final song wasn’t bad. Once was absolutely more than enough for what came over as stodgy muso studio pop.


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