Eurovision Countdown 24 – Austria according to Mo

There is a Nordic semi-final feel to ‘We Will Rave’, one that has Eurovision stamped throughout its otherwise inoffensive heart.

Kaleen presents a powerful mix of electronic music with emotionally charged lyrics, crafting a narrative ticking various familiar boxes: resilience, the power of music, and overcoming challenge. The mantra-like chorus makes it not only a potential dance anthem but also a symbolic message of unity and strength in the face of adversity. Or, you know, something to chuck yourself around to after one too many French 75s.

In a generally weaker field, it will easily scrape through, and the staging will doubtless be all flashing lights and muscle boys. On the plus side, it’s a song that anyone with a pulse could sing without sounding awful. The lead vocal is so deeply digitised and masked by extensive backing.

That said, there is an earworm going on, and in the studio, at least, the performance is polished.

Five PointsAn instrumental break adds to the lack of performance pressure, and given Kaleen’s Eurovision staging experience (admittedly not always with glowing results), I think we can be sure of a fair showing.


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