Azerbaijan – The game all the family can play!

The YTS lads from Azerbaijan are next.

Their rehearsal was “beautiful”, and it’s improving every day. The singing part is good now, but they need to feel their emotions and want to feel in the moment.

The boys recommend going to Baku’s old town if you ever find yourself in Azerbaijan, followed by going deep into the country. They were obsessed with Pink Floyd and wanted to emulate them when they were younger.

They seem to be party animals because they party in Baku but cannot party in the country, so they do a disco at a friend’s farm! – I worry about the sheep, and so do they. They will record 80 per cent of their songs in Azeri and 20 per cent mainly in English.

Musically they like the band “Parcels” – apparently, they are Australian and an electropunk band. Lana del Rey gets a name-check, as well as Coldplay. They love their sound – it must still be the 2010s in Azerbaijan – One of the boys wanted to be Teen Wolf…  I wonder about them!