Belgium – 14 songs, but are you entertained?


So as we reported earlier in the year Belgium is going to have a long ass selection show and, to prepare us for that misery, they have released snippets into the wild of the fourteen competitors for that selection procedure that starts on the 14th January.

I’m only inspired by one of them and not very many of them make me wanna watch any more than the 40 seconds presented, but one of them *has* to win.  What do you think? – do you think anything at all or are you too stupefied by the dazzling songs to comment? – let us know…. or don’t.

Ameerah, Chérine, gala dragot, Gustaph, Hunter Falls, Loredana, and The Starlings will compete on Saturday 14 January in Paleis 12 on Eén.

Host Peter Van de Veire will be on hand to make sure Eurosong 2023 runs smoothly.

VRT has made snippets of the songs available to listen to on their website – so go check them out!