Belgium – All alone in the danger zone


BlancheI’m almost certain I’ll not be the first or last to quote Blanche’s Eurovision lyric back at her this week. We’re all back from lunch and reporting on rehearsals from the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev. In case you missed the earlier reports, you’ll not know that our team are still en route. The organisers broke with tradition and started a day early, so many fan sites will arrive today. We’re relying on the magic of the internet to canvas opinion today. Tomorrow, you’ll get the full unexpurgated Mr Phil and team.

So … What to say? I still love the song and her voice, but even I can’t deny that as a package, ‘City Lights’ comes over flatter than the very flattest of pancakes. Maybe that in itself will help Blanche stand out after a bunch of unremarkable ballads. the song remains very ‘current’,  but Blanche’s inexperience glared through this first rehearsal. She looked ill at ease with the ‘arm movement’ choreography and maybe this needs to be cut?

A quick scan of various fan sites confirmed that hardly anyone had a good word to say about Blanche today.

There was a lengthy break between the first and second run-through, suggesting someone was unhappy with how it played out. But when she returned, it was business as usual. A few bum notes, but hey … Sunday.

From what I’ve heard, the performance doesn’t actually sound that different to the studio track, and whoever staged this has thrown a terrific light show at it. The key here feels like it might lie with the camera work – remember how the Common Linnets won us over with something designed for the TV screen rather than the hall?

One thing that Blanche does need to do though is focus on the camera. Done right, ‘City Lights’ is an intense, claustrophobic song, and she has to get that across. I’m just going to say beta blockers and leave it there.

Expect this one to drift with the bookmakers from now on in. It probably was today’s low spot.

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