Belgium has announced its participant for 2024 – it’s too damn early


So as I have nothing better to do on a Wednesday in late August, I decided to translate the announcement that Mustii will represent Belgium at next year’s Eurovision but not from RTBF, that would be too easy, but from VRT’s website.  Enjoy!

251 more sleeps and it’s that time again: the first semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö. After Gustaph’s success this year, everyone is looking forward to who will represent the RTBF for next year. We didn’t have to wait long, because Belgium is the first country to announce its candidate for Eurovision 2024: Mustii.

“I know that Musti is known in Flanders as a little kitten, very cute! But that is only written with one i”, Mustii laughs in his first interview as a Eurovision candidate.

Mustii is hardly known in Flanders. But in French-speaking Belgium and Brussels they know him well. Primarily as an actor. For example, he had a role in the prestigious RTBF serie “La Trêve” and in 2019 he won the Magritte (the most important film prize in French-speaking Belgium) for most promising actor.

“Ever since I was little I wanted to be an actor and not a firefighter or a pilot. But I have also released two albums in the meantime. Now I have a double career: actor and singer. I see music as a form of theater by the way. Creating a total act That’s why I said yes when they asked me for the Eurovision Song Contest.”

It was RTBF that asked him if he wanted to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest for Belgium. The French-language public broadcaster does not organize preselections, such as VRT does with Eurosong. “I’m also on the jury of Drag Race Belgium, and one morning, I was sitting in the make-up chair and I was still tired, someone from the team came to me in my whisper in my ear. I had to let it sink in.”

What style can we expect from Mustii? “My style evolves into pop with a dark edge. I have influences from new wave and rock, but they remain pop albums. I contrast pop with fragile subjects, I like to play with them. My last album, for example, was a homage to my uncle who had schizophrenia.”

We will apparently also find that style in Mustii’s Eurovision song. “My idea is to go to the Eurovision Song Contest with my own DNA. I don’t want to lie, I want to be sincere and authentic. I don’t want to create a fake character.” But we have to wait for the song itself. That will not be presented until February. “But I have been working in the studio for a while. I also want the song to be part of an album and not just a random song for the Eurovision Song Contest.”

And since the Eurovision Song Contest is a competition of National importance, this reassuring thought from Mustii: “I will give everything. The idea is to be completely in the performance, something flamboyant, glamorous. The Eurovision Song Contest is the ideal place for that. And the work starts now”.

Well, there you have it.  VRT thinks Eurovision is of national importance.  That is the main take away, and that no Flems know who the hell he is!! – I still think its too damn early to be saying who is representing you but hey….