Belgium – This has lost all hope


There are people that thought that ‘City Lights’ was the one. They insisted it would be the best thing ever seen and would sail through to the final. Sadly Blanche cuts a sad and lonely figure on stage. There is just no energy and even through the lights create the illusion of movement, her voice and the look still don’t match for me.

Reports from the actual hall (and not from the press centre) suggest she mumbled her way through the performance.

Is it wrong that it looks like she is singing in a massive Jellyfish when the camera pulls back?

It has nothing to grab the televoter. Quite the opposite it will bore them to tears. Why would anyone pick the phone up and vote for this? Juries, though, should lap it up … but I think Belgium will end up so far behind with one half of the scoring than the other won’t balance out.

Video courtesy of esckaz:

And from the official site:

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