Eurovision Countdown 24 – Belgium according to Mo

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This is probably one of the more credible acts taking to the Swedish stage.

Musti has all bases covered—androgyny, people who admire someone who can hold a note, and he’s tipped up with an epic builder of a song.

There are so many false-start almost-choruses that tease and extend the joy. When the end chant lands, it serves as a welcome release from what has become a pulsating tension.

There’s a sense that Musti knows he’s onto something and I sort of hope this isn’t going to mean he ends up blowing his big chance by taking things too seriously or by spending his Malmo fortnight being a twat. He needs to pack everything he has into his three minute appeal to voters near and far.

12 PointsI’d be surprised not to see this in among the contenders on the Saturday – unless, of course, he bollocks it all up with the staging and live voice thing. That’s happened before.


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