Blimey Hendrik, you’re running through them quickly


Sweden had literally just got off the stage and then Georgia is ushered on. This 25-minute turnaround is going to keep everyone on their toes, including us!

Tako (surname Bell?) has only 20 minutes to make an impression for the second time, but it seems they are doing lots of things to get it right because she’s only been on screen once so far in her allotted time.

It was “fine” … nothing special, but then again neither is the song and when you look (and sound) like Glenis Grace, what is there to go wrong?

She’s also got bad styling och consulting going on with terrible flyaway hair.

It’s just your usual standard stomper, which coming after Sweden makes ‘Keep the Faith’ look good, but I fear it won’t do anything.

Video courtesy of esckaz:

And also via the official website: