Breaking Imri to pieces – quite literally

Imri Ziv

This is pissing the HELL over Estonia’s rehearsal. This is prepared, this is how to hit your marks, this is how to choreograph simply and effectively.

Imri’s song is not the most subtle performance of a not very subtle song, but it looks excellent and that’s the vision part of the contest’s name taken care of. Imri may be a touch wooden, he may not be able to say the word “Alive” without saying the last “e” but by God, he can perform the backside off this song. His dancers that come onto the stage add to – rather than take away from – the performance, because they are not overpowering.

The issue though is that Imri isn’t hitting all the high notes with any confidence, or indeed with any regularity and that could be its downfall … but as a package it’s totally there.

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6 years ago

I am at work and I will be late at home, so I will try and sum up this day:

San Marino – Dated and kitsch but doing well on vocals.

Croatia – Even more kitsch than the one before him. It looks very awkward but he pulls the vocals.

Norway – Not bad but coming after Croatia is not good for him.

Switzerland – Bright yellow is the motive here. Vocals surprisingly ok.

Belarus – It’s very happy but sound a very long 3 minutes.

Bulgaria – good vocals but it seems the staging is a bit let down. need to improve in order to be a contender.

Lithuania – same as NF and still not very communicative.

Estonia – no chemistry between the 2 and there are some dodgy vocals. Work in progress.

Israel – Staging is good and suit the song. The main concern is the vocals. Need to be much better in that section.

that’s all folks 🙂