Brunette from Armenia…. is she a natural?

Brunette from Armenia at Eurovision 2023

So whilst Reilley got up at 0530 – Brunette got up at 0800! – It makes you wonder who is more high-maintenance!

Her song’s ideas? It came from a beautiful message, and she got motivated by a beautiful coat and turned it into a song. She is showing different sides to her love for her future lover. (She is literally just saying words in any order at this point!).  

Her favourite thing about Armenia? The people are adorable and welcoming, and she loves her country and people.

She is happy with the rehearsals, and they feel great. Next week? She wants to enjoy the time, and she thanks the people of Liverpool for being so supportive and welcoming, and she says that she can be herself here. However, she loves quiet time and looks in the mirror for an hour to centre herself.

What is your favourite Armenian artist? All of her friends that she then names – none of which I have heard of, sadly. She does mention Snap and singing with Rosa Linn on the streets of Yerevan. How does she deal with stress? She needs to deal with it (Thanks for that!) – She says you need to get into the moment – a running theme in this whole presser, to be honest.

Brunette is also in a girl band, so how does she find the time? She says this is not a job and enjoys doing what she does. The old national language question comes in – thankfully, Brunette is ready for it by saying she is writing an Armenian version and sings the start of it – that’ll shut them up!