Bulgaria press conference – Are they Intelligent?

Stoyan from IMP at his Eurovision press conference in Turin on 30 April
Stoyan from IMP at his Eurovision press conference in Turin on 30 April

Intelligent Music project come to the stage – surprising me because I was not at the computer watching.

They described how they came together – and don’t describe themselves as a super group, just a normal regular band. As Stoyan has come back for the third time, the fan press asked him how he feels. He said it was “beyond his control” but he was so excited as Eurovision is getting bigger and there are more styles and music than ever.

Big in Chile

Apparently there is a large fan base for IMP in Chile (for reasons that are beyond my understanding – I suspect one of them is Chilean) and they have felt the support from everyone – again, no one has been reading this website then!.

IMP rehearse for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin

They had a recent concert in Sofia an felt that they needed to keep performing to get everyone together including a concert for students (who were let in free). They were then asked about their staging and said it would be bigger than normal and the fire that they are bringing almost burned one of the band.

Little hope

The main message of the song is to bring a little hope, as the last few years have been difficult for everyone, and we all need the intention to change our surroundings. The band insist they are somewhat boring, as they don’t have any superstitions or rituals and they are “just silent” before going on.  Ah, if only, dear viewers!

When asked if Måneskin’s win was a catalyst for them to get into the Contest, the answer was “not really”, because a rock band has always been able to win Eurovision. The band were making rock music long before Måneskin came to fame. Rock is not only a genre, but a state of mind and it will never die – echoing what Måneskin said at the end of the last Contest.

They say that they feel proud and happy to represent Bulgaria, but do not know what will happen if they win with next year’s contest! (I do, I’ll be picking myself up off the floor!) but they think Bulgaria can host it.