Bulgaria….. READY?

So it seems that the Intelligent Music Project have been listening to the theme of the ITV hit show Gladiators…

repurposed it for Eurovision and we have the first song for Turin 2022.   Entitled “Intention”

On first impressions are underwhelming. It seems as though all of the bluff and bluster that has been surrounding this project has given the contest some soft rock of the 1990’s repackaged for Eurovision. Is that a good thing? – Well it will alienate those who like “proper” rock and might not engage the “Eurovisionistas” and there will be charges of trying something that has already won the last contest.

There are also rumours, and I don’t know how true they are, that the band bought their way into the contest and whist this would not be a new thing – if it’s true it would make the whole “project” a bit disingenuous (and, of course if you know any background to this story, let us know at oneurope@ntlworld.com)

But it is a song contest after all so let us know what you think! ( or stay silent, you’re good at that!!)

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2 years ago

Bulgaria has forgotten the 1st rule of Eurovision – Never try to recreate last year’s winner. It never works