Calm reaction

This is not what I was going to post originally let me tell you – but it’s now Wednesday Afternoon after the contest – and having read some of the crap that other websites and “news organisations” have put out – it’s time I put in my two-pennyworth.

CONGRATULATIONS FINLAND – has to be the first thing. Not only has the best song won, but it was telegraphed to Europe all week by this and other sites, so it should not come as a surprise should it???? but blatantly it did.

Firstly it is said that VRT were “shocked” that Kate Ryanair didn’t qualify, and Dutch downmarket rag Der Telegraaf is “fed up” with the contest. We’ll here’s a suggestion to all Belgians and downmarket Dutch rags …


With the exception of 2003, the Belgian broadcasters have entered a catalogue of failures, and – like the UK – tend to blame everyone but themselves. There were better songs in the VRT national final than Kate, but there was so much hype that things turned into a coronation, rather than a selection procedure.

At Malta International Airport there was a scuffle between The Borg and Malta’s two artists. Fabrizio used the excuse that his in-ear monitor wasn’t working (where have we heard that before?) and whinged that it was “the most difficult experience of his life”. Though surely singing a substandard number badly shouldn’t have come as a huge challenge.

Russian C1R – a broadcaster that snubbed it’s own entry until it realised that people liked it – showed Dima singing the reprise, ignoring Lordi. There was a rumour going round that the songwriters were not even invited to Athens. A televised discussion show after the result was confirmed saw ‘experts’ claim Russia losing was a “protest against anti European feelings in Russia” adding that “the Contest is only for those songs with pyrotechnics and circus performers” – double standards anyone?

Moving back Home, DJ Daz insisted his dismal result was actually a victory. As is the party line, he blamed ‘political voting’. Maybe Mr Sampson should look again at a tape of his performance, so he can see himself drowning out the girls.

Knee-jerk reactions seem to be ten-a-penny these days, though. The only people that seem to make them claim to support countries that believe they have a right to do better. Or from the teams behind entries that get over-hyped and convinced they’ll win. One day, broadcasters will learn that the strong songs will still be strong, no matter how much spin they put on the results.

Congratulations Finland – I’ll be there in 2007.