Can anyone follow Loreen?

The penultimate national final of the season and one of the biggest ( If you are gay and a Eurovision fan you might think it’s the only Eurovision national final worth watching), Melodifestivalen 2024 had the stage to itself on the final Saturday.

Friends Arena was packed out with about 35,000 people, some of whom actively chose to buy tickets to see a competitive singing contest to win the right to enter a competitive singing contest! – And people say that the Eurovision will never take off!

The usual method of selection here. Eight international juries scoring 1-12 in the usual way and then the 7 app age groups + the “Telefon” calls were given in one lump sum but they voted in the same way.

The result of all these shenanigans was:

When I'm GoneMaria Sur3735727
Back to My RootsJay Smith20264610
Awful LiarLisa Ajax26113711
Heroes Are CallingSmash Into Pieces3159903
Give My Heart a BreakCazzi Opeia4648874
LightAnnika Wickihalder3825638
UnforgettableMarcus & Martinus85921771
It's Not Easy to Write a Love SongDotter2683412
Que SeraMedina43611042
Happy That You Found MeDanny Saucedo3440746

It was all decided from a long way out that Norwegian twins Marcus and Martinus would represent Sweden in Malmo.  Unforgettable is written by Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt, he of “Tattoo” fame, and a million other songs, Joy Deb, and Linnea Deb who have written “Heroes” and the boys themselves.   They only dropped 15 points from a full score!

Why don’t you remind yourself of the results of Heat One, Heat Two, or even Heat Three Or Heat Four  and, predictably, Heat Five to remind yourself as to how your favourite song didn’t get to the final

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