Can Piqued Jacks do better than Valentina Monetta?

Piqued Jacks

I am so hoping you saw what I did there, because I hate wasting poetry on the uninitiated.

Yes, after copying the Sanremo festival all week, and thankfully failing miserably, we finally have ourselves an entrant to the Eurovision from the Most Serene Republic (I did wonder what the least serene republic looks and sounds like?) picked from a ‘short’ list of 106 contenders – it was like anyone and everyone was allowed to tip up and have a go. If you didn’t tune in, the semi-final song and performance quality was … variable.

So, I hear none of you asking with baited breath, which of the plethora of songs that were lined up could possibly follow Stripper into the annals of Eurovision history?

22 acts performed, and the decision was made by a jury, headed up by Italian Eurovision icon, Al Bano. They settled on Italian manband Piqued Jacks, who will now be up against Slovenian Joker Out in the same half of the same semifinal.

1Roy Paci"Tromba"TBA
2Vina Rose"Oblivious"10
3Deshedus"Non basterà"TBA
4Kida"Stessa pelle"TBA
6Piqued Jacks"Like an Animal"1
7E.E.F."Something for You"9
8Iole"Sul tetto del mondo"TBA
9Deborah Iurato"Out of Space"TBA
11Eiffel 65"Movie Star"5
12Le Deva"Fiori su Marte"2
13Mayu"C'è qualcosa in me che non fuziona"4
14Lorenzo Licitra"Never Give Up"TBA
16Tothem"Sacro e profano"8
17Edoardo Brogi"Due punti sull'equatore"6
18Ellynora"Mama Told Me"7
19Alfie Arcuri"Collide"TBA
21XGiove"Fuoco e benzina"3
Simone De Biagi"Catching Memories"