A Dal’s Final heat – but its nowhere near over!

A Dal 2018

The final ten songs line up for A Dal from Budapest.  A quick reminder of how this will go: all ten songs will be judged by a four-person jury, who will give the songs a score out of ten.

The public who use an app can also give a mark out of ten, which will be averaged, and a fifth score awarded.

The top five will qualify along with a sixth song – chosen in a second round of voting.

It’s the third time I’ve said this but it still makes little sense – luckily we’ll have the results for you here so you don’t have to think so hard.. Those final ten songs are :

Song    Performer(s)
Turn the lights on Andy Roll
Hypnotized Roland Gulyás
Bármerre jársz Ham ko Ham
Journey (break your chains) Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh
Meggyfa Tamás Horváth
Nagybetus szavak Maszkura és a Tücsökraj
Vigyázó Nova Prospect
Életre kel Nikoletta Szoke, Attila Kökény & Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos
1 szó mint 100 #yeahla ft. Viki Eszes
Crack my code Reni Tolvai

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[…] and final heat starts tonight at 2030 CET containing ten songs.  You can see more about them at our dedicated page and their webstream (which is usually very good) will be live, though usually starts about 5 […]