Are we dancers? No, we’re humans … if you’re Romanian


So, after FIVE semi finals in various weird and wonderful locations around Romania – including an actual salt mine – a professional jury and Romanian televoters have decided to send Humans to Lisbon.

Now I know we’re all humans but, specifically, the band The Humans is being put on a plane to Lisbon.

Their bio doesn’t tell me much apart from the fact that they are from Bucharest and they are Cristina Caramarcu, Alexandru Cismaru,  Alexandru Matei,  Alin Neagoe, and Adi Tetrade.

Song Artist Votes Psn
We Are One Rafael & Friends 1,446 5
Deșert de sentimente TIRI 320 12
The One Claudia Andas 974 8
Mirror Echoes 325 11
Fără tine Dora Gaitanovici 1,415 6
Me som romales Eduard Santha 293 14
La la la Vyros 133 15
Bună de iubit (Royalty) Feli 2,862 3
Fly Teodora Dinu 336 10
Heaven MIHAI 1,165 7
Try Xandra 686 9
Auzi cum bate Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago 1,728 4
Walking on Water Alexia & Matei 3,114 2
All the Love Away Erminio Sinni & Tiziana Camelin 303 13
Goodbye The Humans 3,277 1